Balance ScoreCards with Relationship Management for Difficult Business Times

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Managing a committed team during difficult times means getting everyone on the same page, literally. To ensure that, you can use something called a Balanced Scorecard.

In 1992, Robert S. Kaplan and David Norton created the Balance Scorecard concept, abruptly changing conventional thinking about performance measurement within a controlled organization, going beyond the financial approach.

According to the article of Scaramussa in 2010, the Balanced Scorecard or BSC is a complete management system that allows the integration of both aspects of strategic management, and the same performance evaluation that the business has had.

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Summarazing, Balanced Scorecard is basically a system that helps your team focus in distinct ways on the big-picture strategic goals and to measure your organization’s performance.

We can consider some new additions to your balanced score card to ensure commitment and accountability during difficult times, because the development of your people is what will actually move the needle.

Here are six relationship management must-dos to add to your balanced scorecard in difficult times.

1. Business Recognition

Once a week, recognize or praise each person on your team for doing good work, whether you’re the leader or not.

Catch people doing things right, and make a concerted effort to acknowledge their contribution to moving the organization through the difficult stretch.

2. Business Expentancy

Ensure your team knows exactly what is expected, and they know the difference between meeting, and exceeding the standard.

The best tool we have as leaders, is the power of the question. Want to find out if the team knows the expectations? Ask ’em.

3. Personal Growth and Development

Encourage the growth and development of each member on your team. Technology plays a major role these days.

Are people able to use the latest devices, and software, or are they still using archaic systems? Investing in your people, and tools they need, will ensure your organization is being innovative, and staying ahead of your competition.

4. Personal Progress and Performance

At least every six months, talk to each person about their progress. People want to know where they stand, and no one should ever be surprised by feedback on their performance.

It takes courage to have the tough conversations, and being open, candid, kind, and transparent, will foster way more commitment, than avoiding all conflict.

5. Everyday Learnings

At least once a year, provide opportunities for each person on your team to learn and grow.

Encourage people to keep up on the latest industry trends. Have a fun quiz after everyone reads a particular article, book, listens to a podcast, or watches a TED Talk.

6. Human Caring

Do you truly care about the people on your team as humans, with lives outside of work?

You have to be curious to care, and you have to care, to truly listen.

Colin Powell said it best,

Either case is a failure of leadership. You have to make time for your people.

Your people are your job, not just your email and your meetings. So make sure these areas are part of your organization’s balanced scorecard.

Measure these areas on a regular basis, and you will have a powerful tool to ensure you don’t neglect your most important job as a leader, developing other leaders.


Gawankar, Shradha & Kamble, Sachin & Raut, Rakesh. (2015). Performance Measurement using Balance Score Card and its Applications: A Review. Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems. 4. 10.21863/jscms/2015.4.3.009.

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